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Tree Removal

Whether you're looking to remove an acre of trees, or just a small one; we've got you covered.

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Tree Trimming

We clean and cut trees both large and small. Let us take care of your yard, you won’t regret it.

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Use our cost calculator to get a rough estimate of a solution that matches both your needs and your budget.

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Tree Removal and Trimming in Hollywood, Florida.

We offer tree removal & trimming services in South Florida. We are all licensed & insured with a great personable crew that has an unmatched work ethic. We provide will be high quality tree service whether it's taking down difficult 100 ft trees, emergency tree removal at rapid pace, tree cutting over power lines, and much more.

We're committed to giving you best tree care in Broward County: Hollywood, Davie, Sunrise, Southwest Ranches, and Plantation.
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The Best Tree Services Company In South Florida.


Quality Service

Our tree care and service is top notch! Give us a try.


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We offer a business you can trust, giving you reassurance and ease of mind.


Satisfied Customers

We have  one of the best reputations in the tree services business.



We attend your needs and follow up – always in a timely manner.



A community pillar, we are a trusted name in the industry.



Countless years of experience gives us an understanding like no other.

Your trees need a bit of love?

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"Save yourself time, money and worry. They've got your back!"

Mary Becker - Valued customer

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"They're hard-working honest professionals."

Tom Triffer - Valued customer

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"Great and friendly service at a very good price."

Julia Rower - Valued customer

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Our Blog

Aug 30, 2023
Tree Removal

Why Is It Necessary To Remove Invasive Species Of Trees In Florida

Explore our blog article that delves into the importance of removing invasive tree species in Florida. Understand their impact on local ecosystems, native species, and why their control is crucial for maintaining biodiversity and health of Floridian forests.

Aug 20, 2023
Tree Services

Insurance And Licensing For Tree Services In Florida

Discover the essential information on insurance and licensing requirements for tree services in Florida. This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to ensure your business is compliant and protected.

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